Ready for Ashgrove 2020?

Ready for Ashgrove 2020? Our theme will be Games, Games, Games and the official camp dates are June 22nd-July 2nd!

(For staff: set-up is June 18th-20th, and clean-up is July 3rd)

2019 Theme

FIESTA: Ashgrove’s Mexico Adventure

It’s FIESTA time! Grab your sombreros and your ‘amigas’ and join us as we explore the wonders of Mexico. Take aim on fun in Archery, investigate the mysteries of lost civilizations and marvel at the Monarch Butterflies’ miraculous migration. Build your expedition team on our challenge course and hone your camp skills, then plot a course to traverse a wonder-filled land from the Gulf Coast of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean with a peek at Our Cabana, an international center for Girl Guides, near the heart of the country. Immerse yourself in lively music and dance; try your hand at folk arts; crank your own ice cream and learn stories of a diverse culture and its people. Don’t take a ‘siesta’ or you’ll miss out on our FIESTA, Ashgrove’s Mexico Adventure!

2018 Theme

Ashgrove’s “Star Wars” Adventure: May the forest be with you

In a camp, not so far, far away join Padawans and Jedi Masters to form a team ready for the challenges of inter-galactic adventure. Test your survival skills on the Outer Rim, use the force to get on target in archery, or try your hand at out-of-this-world crafts. Share stories of the stars as you crank your own ‘Hothian’ frozen treat, and then expand your world by exploring the wonders of the planet you’re on. Raise your voice in song, create rhythms for a universe you design, and run diagnostics to discover the wonders and perils of space. Ashgrove Adventure, this is the camp you’re looking for!

2017 Theme

Ashgrove’s National Park Adventure: Mountains, Monuments, and Memories

Grab your gear and join our adventure as we discover awe inspiring U. S. National Parks from Acadia to Zion. Immerse yourself in the diverse beauty of nature and Leave No Trace as you trek around camp. Delve into geologic, historic, and scenic wonders then aim true on the archery range. Play a part in our theater in the woods and build your excursion team to conquer our challenge course. Spend a night under the stars, raise your voice in song, and chill-out with hand-cranked ice cream. Join our eight days of monumental fun and connect with nature while exploring America’s Best idea.