Camp Aides

Ashgrove’s Top Secret Adventure

Ashgrove Adventure has gone undercover. Your mission: become a secret agent and gather critical intelligence. Develop your disguise to maintain your cover and create your new identity. Learn to make and use your own spy gadgets. Consult with cryptologists to make and break codes. Help your team construct and follow trail signs through unknown territory. Keep your eyes on the target as you practice archery, slingshot, and tomahawk. Challenge yourself on our trust and initiative course, then debrief with a cup of hand-cranked ice cream. Ashgrove Adventure is looking for new recruits to join us in Secrets and Spies.

The Camp Aide application form is now closed – applications were due February 14th.

Camp Aide Director: Jackie Wooldridge (Chip) and Didi Marco (Comet)

Camp Aides must attend the all days of camp. Training is required, as are planning meetings with your team! See the Training section of this page for dates and times of required training.

Camp Aide applicants must have completed 9th grade OR completed 8th grade and successfully completed Ashgrove Adventure’s AIT program.They also must submit a complete application by the application deadline.

Selection as a Camp Aide will be based on the program needs of the camp and the experience and qualifications of the applicant. The sooner you get your application in, the more likely you will get your first or second placement choice. Notification of placement and more details will be emailed by mid-March.

All campers, including Camp Aides, register through the GSCNC on-line registration process in addition to the Camp Aide selection process. Camper applications are processed by GSCNC online.

Completing the Council Program Aide training, completing the Ashgrove Adventure AIT training, having worked at camp as a Camp Aide in the past or having a parent on staff does not guarantee you a position as a Camp Aide.

Remember, being a Camp Aide at Ashgrove Adventure is a commitment you make that begins with the first training date and ends with cleaning up your site on the last day. All Camp Aides will be expected to attend all trainings as well as planning meetings before camp begins. PLAN ON IT! The more you put into camp the more you get out of it.

Scout Unit Staff (about 15 Camp Aides) Work with a team of adults assigned to the same group of Girl Scouts for the full ten-day session, helping to plan and carry out the theme and activities in the out-of-doors. Those units with campers having completed 3rd grade or beyond will spend the camp overnight. The scout units include:

  • Daisies- Scouts who have finished Kindergarten
  • Brownies – Scouts who have finished 1st-2nd grade
  • Fly-ups- Scouts who have finished 3rd grade
  • Juniors – Scouts who have finished 4th-5th grade
  • Older Girls – Scouts who have finished 6th-8th grade

Non-Scout Unit Staff (about 6 Camp Aides) Work with a team of adults assigned to the same group of campers for the full ten-day session, helping them to enjoy the camp program through planned activities. These campers are non-Girl Scout children of staff volunteers. Those in boy units with third graders and above are required to spend the camp overnight. These units may include:

  • Kinders – Boys and girls 3 years and older who have not completed Kindergarten
  • Boy 1 – Boys who have completed Kindergarten-3rd grade
  • Boy 2 – Boys who have completed 4-8th grade

Interest Center Staff (about 16 Camp Aides) Work with a team of adults assigned to teach specific skills or information to all age levels throughout the camp session. These positions are usually filled by volunteers who have been to Ashgrove Adventure before. Each center will be responsible for developing a theme program, which may incorporate Scout badgework requirements. Centers may be assigned tasks by the directors when their center is not in operation.

See the application for this year’s centers.

*Aides in Archery and OP will have extra pre-camp training sessions.

Lodge (about 6 Camp Aides) Assigned to Core Staff members throughout camp. Includes:

  • Equipment: Manage the equipment window; work with tents, tarps, drink bottles, art supplies, cooking gear, etc.
  • Kitchen: Aid the Kitchen Managers in feeding the camp; shop for food and supplies, etc.
  • Program: Run Camp Council; aid the Program Directors in their job
  • Director: Assist Registrar at the buses; take camp photos; escort campers; buddie unhappy campers; help with paperwork; set up and serve camp meals, etc.

All meetings will be held at the Firefly Lodge, Camp Crowell, off Justin Knoll Road, Oakton, unless otherwise notified. Our meetings are designed to

  1. Familiarize you with the way our camp operates
  2. Provide you with information about the theme that you can use in planning your part of the program
  3. Introduce you to skills you can use to make your experience at camp a success for you and the campers.

All Camp Aides must attend meetings! New Camp Aides are those you have never been a Camp Aide at Ashgrove before – this includes last year’s AITs. Outdoor Cooking Center aides and all unit aides must attend the Cook Out Training if not previously attended.

This year’s meeting date/time/location information can be found on our For Staff page.

Required meetings will include:

All New Camp Aides:

  1. New Aide Meeting

All Camp Aides:

  1. All Camp Kick-Off
  2. Camp skills (New Unit Aides) and All Camp Aide meeting during set-up in June

Center Camp Aides:

  1. Center Kick-Off Meeting (Camp Skill Aides will assist with the Cook Out Training)
  2. Additional individual center meetings

Unit Camp Aides:

  1. Unit Kick-Off Meeting
  2. Council Cook Out Training (unless already qualified)
  3. Additional individual unit meetings