About Ashgrove

Ashgrove Adventure is a Girl Scout day camp run by the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital. It is held at Camp Crowell, in Oakton Virginia, and staffed entirely by volunteers. Our current Directors are Suzy Miller (“Buzzy”) and William Perry (“Hawk”).

a man and a woman wearing king and queen chess piece costumes, shorts, knee socks, and hiking boots in front of a building; an historical "we can do it" sign with a woman is in the background; all three are wearing masks

Buzzy and Hawk, Ashgrove 2021

We are primarily geared towards girls who have completed Kindergarten through 8th grade. Girls who have completed 9th through 12th grade may only attend if they have applied and been accepted as Camp Aides. Girls are assigned to age-specific scout units as follows

  • Daisys – Scouts who have finished Kindergarten
  • Brownies – Scouts who have finished 1st grade-2nd grade
  • Fly Ups – Scouts who have finished 3rd grade
  • Juniors – Scouts who have finished 4th–5th grade
  • Older Girls – Scouts who have finished 6th–8th grade
  • Additionally, scouts who have completed 7th or 8th grade can apply to be in our Aides-in-Training (AIT) unit. This is a competitive application process because there are only 12 openings. Applicants that are not accepted are notified in time to apply during the general registration process to be Older Girls.

We accept a limited number of non-scout campers so that our volunteers do not have to obtain day-care for their non-scout children. This is ONLY for the children of volunteers; non-scout children are withdrawn from camp if their parent volunteer withdraws. Regardless, we cannot accept children under the age of 3, children who are not potty trained, or boys who have completed the 7th grade or higher and have not been to camp before.

While we are a day camp, we do have a camp overnight for the older campers (Fly-Ups/3rd grade and above).

For more information on the logistics of signing your Girl Scout up for Ashgrove Adventure, please see the Parents section of our website. For information on how to apply for a position as an Aide-in-Training, please see the AITs section of our website. For information on how to volunteer as a camp aide, please see the Camp Aides section of our website.

For information on how to volunteer as an adult, please see the Adult Volunteers section of our website.