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Games & Giggles Galore: Let the Games Begin!

Guess who is the mastermind? Get on target with games in archery, seek and find the wonders of Nature, cooperate like a barrel of monkeys to conquer the chutes and ladders of our challenge course. Strategize and escape to a land of sweets for hand-cranked frozen treats, or share the rhythm of singing & action games. Build empires and towers, but don’t be sorry and topple them! Test your memory and mine your skills to perfection when favorite games emerge from boards and video screens as life-sized fun. Get our clue? Make sure to connect for Ashgrove Adventure’s Games & Giggles Galore for the time of your life.

Camper lottery is over. Ashgrove 2021 is a GO!

There are many things that will be different this coming summer and what we are currently planning for can change any time between now and camp. We’re looking at ways to adjust our camp gatherings to enable the maximum social distancing and limit our contacts while we’re at camp.

1) Our capacity will be reduced.
We are currently looking at units sized at 10-15 campers to enable proper social distancing with nearly as much staff to help facilitate proper safety protocols.

2) We have decided that bus transportation this year, given the requirements to socially distance, is not financially feasible. Therefore, we have reduced the registration fee by $25.

3) We will not have our traditional overnight. Socially distancing if we have bad weather is nearly impossible. We are exploring alternatives for the activities that normally occur on the overnight.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions we will NOT be able to run buses in 2021. Stay tuned for updated information on carpools/drop-offs.

Everyone at camp is divided up into a unit of about 24 campers and 4 leaders/aides. Before camp, your leaders will prepare a unit home, a unit name, and a unit costume. Unit names are based on the camp theme.

On the first day of camp, you will ride a bus or be driven to the Firefly Lodge at Camp Crowell. From there you will walk down a gravel road to the Trees. You will meet up with your unit leaders at the Trees every morning before flag. Each unit has a tree which your unit leaders mark with your unit name.

image of the Firefly lodge, showing front porch and road in front
Firefly Lodge

From the Trees, you will go up to the Ashgrove Lodge for morning flag. Every unit will take turns doing either morning or afternoon flag ceremonies. Flag is where (among other things) we have roll call, do announcements, sing the camp song, and celebrate camp birthdays.

After morning flag, your unit will have four “blocks” of time in which you either visit centers or do unit activities, including the hunt for an object hidden around camp and the progressive game. Every unit has a cook-out at some point during camp. Units also have to find time to vote on themes for next year’s camp and pick names for joke day, special day and the overnight. All unit decisions are reported to Camp Council by the unit’s Camp Council representatives.

Centers are groups of leaders who plan activities for all the different units. Every unit visits every center. Your unit will also “adopt” several center leaders. These leaders will wear your costumes, come to your cookout, and maybe even bring you presents…. Make sure you say hi to them whenever you see them around camp! While the centers change from year to year depending on the theme, common centers include archery, crafts, culture, ice cream, nature, OP, singing and theatre.


image of the Ashgrove amphitheatre from 2018 with backdrop, campers on stage and campers sitting on benches in the audience
Ashgrove Amphitheatre 2018

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions we will have to MODIFY our traditional overnight. Stay tuned for more details.

In a regular year, all campers who have finished the third grade (Fly-Ups, Juniors, Older Girls, A.I.T.s and Older Boys) are invited to spend the camp overnight. During the overnight, all the units who spend the night perform a campfire skit and the older scouts can stay for a flag burning ceremony.

There are several chores or “kapers” which units have to do during camp. Campers are in charge of all these kapers, including turning in attendance cards, getting the unit bag, filling up the unit water jug, making lemonade, carrying the unit banner and mascot, taking the unit trash to the dumpster and (last but not least) cleaning the latrines.

image of campers using water faucet with unit bag on ground beside theminterior of a camp latrine

Cleaning the latrine sounds far worse that it is. To clean the latrine, all you have to do is sweep out the stall and run a disinfectant wipe over the toilet seat – you even get to wear gloves while doing it. Last, but not least, the toilet paper is full and staying dry in the plastic bags.. Piece of cake!

Every camper receives a camp patch. Some years we also earn a theme-related patch. Older Girls also earn an IPP or similar award. For images of past camp patches, check out the history section of our website.

There are actually two camp patches – one for campers and one for staff. Every year we have a design competition and campers submit patch designs. The winning designs are picked in March. The campers who submitted those designs and applied during the regular registration period are guaranteed a place at camp. You won’t actually find out if your design won until the last day of camp – the patch designs are always secret until then.