September 2022 Task Group

Planning began in earnest for Ashgrove Adventure 2023 (Jurassic Ashgrove) at our first Task Group meeting of the year. Various dates were ann- uh, proclaimed as well as a revised method of theme voting.

This year, potential 2024 themes will be presented at Task Group from September through February (email Kitti if you want to sign up to present a theme!) and all adults and aides at the February Task Group meeting will vote to narrow the options down to 4-5 themes which will be presented to the campers to vote on during the second week of Ashgrove.

The first three themes presented were Secrets & Spies; Norway; and the Roaring 20s. Look forward to more themes, including returning favorites from the 2022 vote, at future Task Group meetings!

We also spent a fair amount of time on fun themed activities, including a word search and a cookie cutter/fun foam craft project courtesy of Carousel that could be used to make unit name tags or swaps. Instructions are below and will also be handed out to leaders along with other Program theme paperwork in the spring.

The rest of the time we spent brainstorming about dinosaurs and getting excited for Jurassic Ashgrove! We hope to see you there.

Jurassic word search puzzle whose solution spells out a fact about dinosaurs in the Jurassic era image of instructions for cookie cutter dinosaurs with two sample cookie cutter crafts