Check out some of our more common FAQs below.

How will my child get to camp ?

There are two ways to get to camp – by bus or by car. Buses pick up campers at selected elementary schools in the Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, Vienna, Falls Church and Fairfax areas. There is no additional cost for campers who ride the bus and no discount for not riding the bus. Camp staff ride the bus with campers to monitor behavior and take attendance.

If you wish to drive your camper to camp, instead of sending her by bus, please contact the camp registrar ASAP.

Carpoolers must use the Justin Knoll Road entrance to camp. The Vale Road entrance is a one-way street; any carpoolers who accidentally use the Vale Road entrance will not be permitted to leave the Vale lot until all staff have arrived (circa 9am).

There is also a 10 MPH speed limit on all camp roads – please respect this speed limit as there will be both children and wildlife sharing the road with you. During afternoon pick-up, carpoolers should line up on the right side of the road – as far off the road as possible – so that they are out of the way of the buses.

If for some reason you need to drop off your camper late or pick up your camper early, you will need to use the Justin Knoll Road entrance to camp. Park in one of the visitors spots and walk down the gravel road to the Ashgrove Lodge (this takes about 10 minutes). You will need to sign your camper in or out. For safety reasons, you may NOT pick up your camper directly from her unit leaders and you may NOT wander around camp.

What if my child needs medications while at camp?

Following GSUSA policies, we cannot provide any medications for your child. If your child will need any medication – prescription or over-the-counter – it must be sent in to the camp nurse in its original container. Over-the-counter medication must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. This includes Tylenol, Advil, etc. There is a special form to fill out if your camper needs to carry an inhaler or epi-pen.

What should my child wear to camp? 

Ashgrove Adventure takes place in an outdoor, summer setting. Every day, campers should bring a cup, sit-upon, poncho and a lunch that does not require refrigeration. Please write your child’s name on all items brought to campDue to the presence of hiking trails, ticks and poison ivy, as well as the potential for sunburns, appropriate camp attire is as follows:

  • hat, bandanna or other head covering
  • shoulders covered (no tank tops)
  • no bare midriff
  • no short shorts or skirts
  • ankles and shins covered (knee socks or pants)
  • bandanna for hand drying
  • tie-on or Velcro shoes

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a camper bring any of the following items to camp: cell phones, iPods/mp3 players, umbrellas. Due to Girl Scout health regulations, all bug spray and suntan lotion must be applied at home and not at camp or in the parking lot.
We reserve the right to confiscate any prohibited items and hold them for parental pick-up. We also reserve the right to have inappropriately dressed campers wait in the Ashgrove Lodge until someone can bring them proper attire.

How can I contact staff or my child during camp ?

To contact members of staff (e.g. the camp nurse, registrar, or directors) during the two weeks of camp you should call the Ashgrove Lodge (703-648-0211) between the hours of 7:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. Should you need to contact your child during camp, please follow the same procedure.

For more contact information, see our Contact Us page.

What if there’s inclement weather?

Camp is held rain or shine. On the first day of camp, every unit will practice the emergency procedures for thunder and lightning storms, tornadoes, fire and flood.

Due to both safety concerns and bus logistics, storms and tornado watches/warnings will probably not result in camp dismissing early. In the unlikely event that extreme weather conditions or other dangerous circumstances cause camp to be canceled for the following day, your camper’s unit leaders will inform you by phone. This information would also be available on voice mail at the GSCNC office.