2019 Theme

FIESTA: Ashgrove’s Mexico Adventure

It’s FIESTA time! Grab your sombreros and your ‘amigas’ and join us as we explore the wonders of Mexico. Take aim on fun in Archery, investigate the mysteries of lost civilizations and marvel at the Monarch Butterflies’ miraculous migration. Build your expedition team on our challenge course and hone your camp skills, then plot a course to traverse a wonder-filled land from the Gulf Coast of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean with a peek at Our Cabana, an international center for Girl Guides, near the heart of the country. Immerse yourself in lively music and dance; try your hand at folk arts; crank your own ice cream and learn stories of a diverse culture and its people. Don’t take a ‘siesta’ or you’ll miss out on our FIESTA, Ashgrove’s Mexico Adventure!