Games & Giggles Galore: Let the Games Begin!

Guess who is the mastermind? Get on target with games in archery, seek and find the wonders of Nature, cooperate like a barrel of monkeys to conquer the chutes and ladders of our challenge course. Strategize and escape to a land of sweets for hand-cranked frozen treats, or share the rhythm of singing & action games. Build empires and towers, but don’t be sorry and topple them! Test your memory and mine your skills to perfection when favorite games emerge from boards and video screens as life-sized fun. Get our clue? Make sure to connect for Ashgrove Adventure’s Games & Giggles Galore for the time of your life.

Scouts who have completed 7th or 8th grade can apply to be in our Aides-in-Training (AIT) unit. This is a competitive application process because there are only 12 openings. Applicants that are not accepted are notified in time to apply during the general registration process to be Older Girls.

There are many things that will be different this coming summer and what we are currently planning for can change any time between now and camp. We’re looking at ways to adjust our camp gatherings to enable the maximum social distancing and limit our contacts while we’re at camp.

1) Our capacity will be reduced.
We are currently looking at units sized at 10-15 campers to enable proper social distancing with nearly as much staff to help facilitate proper safety protocols.

2) We have decided that bus transportation this year, given the requirements to socially distance, is not financially feasible. Therefore, we have reduced the registration fee by $25.

3) We will not have our traditional overnight. Socially distancing if we have bad weather is nearly impossible. We are exploring alternatives for the activities that normally occur on the overnight.