February 2020 Task Group

Ashgrove’s Task Group meets monthly from September through March to vote on and discuss a wide variety of camp-related administrative issues. Any adult volunteer is welcome to join us on the third Thursdays of the month 6:30-9pm (well, the first half hour is socializing, so call it 7-9pm if you’re in a time crunch).

This past meeting, we had some knotty fun, reviewed registration numbers, discussed publicity, and evaluated our existing emergency procedures with an eye towards condensing 11 pages (!!) of information into something more streamlined and easy to consult. Those who showed up early also got to consult on a new Camp Crowell specific badge that GSCNC is putting together – collect all the camps! But I’m pretty sure, attempting to unknot ourselves took longer than all the other activities combined.

READY…  adults attempt to unravel a human knot


adults attempt to unravel a human knot


adults attempt to unravel a human knot