2024 Theme Pre-Vote at February Task Group

Due to a surplus of wonderful theme ideas, this year we’re revising how we do our theme voting. Campers will still be presented with 4-5 themes to vote from during this summer’s Ashgrove Adventure, with the final theme chosen and announced on the last day of camp.

However, before we get to that point, all adults and camp aides who attend the February Task Group meeting will pre-vote on the (currently 10) themes that have been presented to Task Group over the last several months. This pre-vote will narrow the long list of themes down to the 4-5 themes the campers will vote on.

Want to cast a vote for which themes will be presented to the campers? Join us at our Task Group meeting on February 16th, 7pm (6:30pm social time) in the Firefly Lodge!

Need a refresher on what the theme options will be? Check out the digital versions of our theme posters! And for those of you who’re wondering, none of these themes have ever been done at camp before (though we’ve done similar themes).