Camp Names

What's in a name? A lot! Here at Ashgrove Adventure, every staff adult and camp aide (plus the A.I.T.s and gophers) pick a name that they will answer to for all of camp. These names make staff more accessible to the campers and often give campers an instant window into what that staff person is like. Some staffers change their name to match each year's theme, but most staffers pick one name and stick with it for several years.

How do you pick a camp name? There are a couple of ways to pick a camp name. The quick and easy way is to pick something that relates to your real name (e.g. Lindy becomes "Lindiana Jones") or relates to a relative's camp name (e.g. "Peapod" has two children - "Sweet Pea" and "Chickpea").

An alternative is to pick something theme related. (During the Greece year we picked up a "Euripides", during Japan we had a "Princess Mononoke," etc.) The advantage to these types of names is they are easy to make up; the disadvantage is that you will not necessarily want to keep them for years to come.

Last, but not least, try to think up a name that you really identify with. This can be something that describes you (guess what color hair "Rusty" has) or one of your passions ("Bookworm" likes to read).

Still stumped? Check out this list of camp names. To the best of the webmistress' knowledge, these camp names are currently TAKEN, so these are for inspirational purposes only. If you see your favorite name on the list, try to be creative: "Bee", "Bumble Bee" and "Buzzy" are all different camp names.

007 2 Tone Allie Apple Arrow Artemis
Awesome Blossom B Sharp Badger Basil Beacon Bean
Bear Bee Belle Bethal Birdie Blizzard
Blondie Blueberry Bluebonnet Bookworm Britches Buckeye
Bucky Bugadoo Bumble Bee Buzzy C.A.T. Caramel
Carousel Charm Charmcaster Cheerio Cheesedoodle Chilena
Chili Pepper Chip Chipmunk Cinders Clydesdale Cocoa
Comet Comfort Cookie Cowgirl Cranberry Crazy Horse
Cricket Critter Curly Daisy Daydreamer Dazzle
Diamond Dimples Dr. Pepper Duchess Duck Tape Echo
Eegrek Eleje Elf Elmo Enigma Euripides
Fern Fiddlesticks Firefly Fluffy Foxy Fluffy Bunni
Gator Gibbles Glitter Grover Guppy Happy
Ivy Jayhawk Jelly Bean June-bug Kanga Ketchup
Kiki Kit Kat Kitti Kiwi Knight Koala
Ladybug Laffy Taffy Lebrechaun Lindiana Jones Loony Toons Luke
Lulu Luna M&M Mamma Jamma Melody Milano
Minerva Miss Purse Momo Mona Lisa Monty Moonlight
Moose Nibs Nim Nutmeg Panda Pawprint
PB&J Peanut Peapod Peppermint Periwinkle Phoenix
Polkadot Polly Pocket Poppy Porky Potawatomi Pussywillow
Quincy Rainbow Ranger Rascal Rasey Ruffian
Rusty Sapphire Sassafras Sassy Scarlet Schuttle
Sea Cow Shadow Shamrock Shorty Skye Skywalker
Snickerdoodle Snowflake Socks Spanky Spinnaker Splash
Splat Sprinkles Squirt Stargazer Sunflower Sunshine
Sweet Pea Swoosh Taco Tadpole Tagalong Tarzan
Teddy Thunder Tigger Tiki Tilly Toru
Trailblazer Tug Tweety Twix Valkyrie Visi
Wassabi Weevil Wise Owl Wobniar Woody Yoo-hoo

Are these the only names that are taken? There are always a few other names that are unavailable, usually because the webmistress missed them, because someone missed a year and is coming back next year, or because those names are already claimed by an A.I.T. or gopher. In addition, the names "Gabby" and "Ma'am" have been officially retired in honor of former camp directors.

Remember - if you don't like the camp name you end up with, you can always change it next year!


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last updated 1/16/2010